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Nobody knows your Nissan like we do. To ensure your vehicle continues to perform at its best, we recommend you have it serviced at the Ryde Nissan dealer. We have the tools, equipment and experience to maintain your vehicle and conduct any necessary repairs that may be required. They will also guarantee that only genuine Nissan parts are used to ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle for years to come.

As each Nissan is different, you should always refer to the Owner’s Manual supplied with your new Nissan for specific servicing requirements. All maintenance service records should be given to any subsequent owner of the vehicle.

Ryde Nissan is proud to introduce you to our exceptional service team. This team of highly skilled, experienced technicians and service advisors ensure that your every service need will be attended to with the utmost courtesy and efficiency.

The Ryde Nissan service team pride themselves upon providing an honest, technically elite and professional service to all our valued customers. Considering the many years of experience our team has, our outstanding reputation is not surprising – at the Ryde Nissan dealership, it’s all about the people. Come in and get to know us today.

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Service Department

603 Victoria Rd,
Ryde NSW 2112

02 8198 1800

Open Hours
Mon- Fri: 7:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 8:00am - 1:00pm

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

State of the art facilities

Why Choose Us

Express Service

Why Choose Us

Factory Trained Technicians

Why Choose Us

Latest Diagnostic Equipment

Why Choose Us

Genuine Parts

Why Choose Us

Future Resale Value

Kick back and relax while we service your vehicle!

It's too important to ignore.

We make our vehicles to last but they do need attention. Regular maintenance will keep your Nissan at its peak.

What does maintenance involve?

Oil, fluid and coolants need to be topped up or replaced while rubber hoses and belts need to be checked for deterioration. Brake pads and other parts also need to be looked at.

How Often?

If you're driving under normal conditions, make sure you follow the maintenance schedule set out in your Customer Information Booklet.

If you drive in any of these conditions, follow the Maintenance Under Severe Driving Conditions schedule in your booklet.

  • Driving in dusty conditions
  • Repeatedly driving short distances
  • Towing a trailer or caravan
  • Extensive idling
  • Driving in extremely adverse weather conditions or extremely low or extremely high temperatures
  • Driving in high humidity or mountainous areas
  • Driving in areas which are high in salt or other corrosive materials
  • Driving on rough and/or muddy roads or in the desert
  • Driving with frequent use of brakes
  • Frequent driving in water

Unscheduled Maintenance

Some vehicle parts don't need regular maintenance. But if something does fail, it could affect the engine or the vehicle's performance. These items should be inspected or adjusted if you see there is a problem.

Why at a Nissan Dealership?

All of our technicians are factory trained to give you the best service possible. Our technicians also have access to up-to-date technical information and some of the most advanced equipment available. Not only will your Nissan be in great condition but dealership service will add to your car’s resale value.

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